What does your furniture need from you?

Our furniture already has had several coats of oil and wax and should be fine with normal use for weeks or even months.

If you apply wax at least once or twice a year, the better the colour of the wood will develop and the greater the protection from cracking and marks such as cup rings.

Avoid exposing furniture to extremes of heat and humidity, for example sun and rain, heaters and liquid spills. All liquids need to be wiped up promptly, don’t let pools or drops of liquid dry on the surface and do not let iron or steel sit in liquid on your surface. 
Natural fibers 
Whatever oil or wax you choose the main thing is to use clean and soft rags cotton or terry toweling to apply (just remove all buttons). It is nigh on impossible to get a result using synthetic cloths.When applying a wax based product rub evenly all over the surface and before too much time has elapsed use a clean rag to buff off all excess to achieve a shiny finish. Get your eye on an angle to the light to see any areas missed.

Remember: Hang used rags to dry before disposal as oily rags can spontaneously combust if left in a pile.